Ode to Provence

Cute little things wrapped in lavender scent.

Cicadas chirping: “summer, please don’t end!”

Lush green farm fields spoilt by the sun,

Proudly bearing the fruits of the land.


Medieval architecture in every city,

Vibrant meadows as wide as eternity.

Oh, those sunflower fields that look so merry!

Cheering up travellers who have gotten weary.


In July and August, lavenders go abloom,

painting the fields with delight, not gloom.

Aroma of herbs fill the air here and there,

as well as of mouth-watering seafood everywhere!


Now the Dutch might be known for their cheeses,

but, behold, the French fromage is truly underrated!

And vineyards, terracotta roofs, linen, and olives.

No doubt, I had been smitten by the Provençale charm!


It is no wonder that Provence has inspired

many an artist, like Van Gogh, Gaugin, and Cezzane.

Now, home is calling and so here we are,

but my Provençale experience is the best by far!


“If you were guaranteed a steadily improving standard of living, would you be willing to give up your right to vote?”

I came across this question when registering in a jobs Web site for freelance writers. I can’t be certain, though, if this was a general question or if they have sets of questions randomly given to writers. I found it interesting, nonetheless, and wanted to share it here on my blog.

My two cents:

The right to suffrage has always been fought for by citizens of a democratic country. I would probably do so in situations when people are denied of this right. However, where I come from, cases of electoral fraud, vote buying, and widespread cheating during elections never fail to herald in the news following any local or national elections.

It is quite a depressing situation knowing that, despite being bestowed this right, choosing a political candidate to sit in government posts is dictated by money and power. This is one of the reasons the Philippines remain impoverished – due to graft and corruption and because of money-hungry politicians whose primary intention, after securing their seats, is to get back the money they spent (and more) during elections from the people’s taxes.

So, we go back to the basic reason for choosing our country’s leaders: to expect them to give honest service and improve people’s lives by finding means to generate more jobs and efficient social services.

Nonetheless, and it might not be a far-fetched thought looking at Cuba as an example, what if a dictator rises up to ensure honest governance? Then, my answer would be a sounding, “yes”.

What good would it bring to have the right to vote only as lip service?

Nothing. I, personally, prefer a dictator whose aim is to choose the right kinds of people holding government offices to ensure that citizens are given a steadily improving standard of living despite having to put off the right to suffrage.

If this question was directed to me, personally, then I would like to know, first, of any costs it will bring on others. I do not want to step on other people’s toes. Hence, should I be granted a steadily improving standard of living at the expense of others, I’m afraid I will have to decline this lucrative offer.

Sample Article

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My Quotes

Woke up to wee arms around her neck and the sweet words: “I love you, Mama.” awww… Truly, the best things in this world are free, yet, priceless..

When people notice you, it means you’re big enough to be visible to them.

I am happy for those who are happy and wants to buy a bottle of beer for the “weary”.

When you feel like giving up – don’t. You might just regret the next day. Challenges keep us pushing each day. Sans these, what else do we live for?

You can’t force maturity. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of maturity to realize you are at the age when you should be mature for the people in your life.

You can sense when something is for you. And, you’ll know when it’s for you only for the meantime.

You can’t lead if you’re not an example!

Your past may have shaped your present, but let it not dictate your future or the future of others.

Sometimes, the path to the so-called “greener pasture” passes over a steep cliff where you need to survive a great fall to get out alive, that is, if you ever can.

Maturity doesn’t always come with age, unfortunately.

The only time appropriate to look down on someone is when you are 5’10” and the other is 5’2″. Other than that, never look down on anyone – we all are standing on the same ground.


More than its slick design, Mercedes Benz aficionados can expect state-of-the-art technology loaded in each model of future Mercedes Benzes. From intuitive safety systems with radar and cameras, keyless entry, computerized navigational systems (including GPS, on-board DVDs that easily flash maps, directions, and locations of important establishments) – it is safety and convenience combined into one of the world’s top luxuries.

Additionally, future Mercedes Benz technology also includes Wi-Fi hook-ups, 40 Volt Electrical Systems, voice prompts, pedals controlled electronically, and programmable Mercedes vehicles – you will definitely experience a different road adventure offered no less by one of the most trusted car brands in the world – Mercedes Benz.

The financial crisis the US is currently battling with, which is snowballing into a global economic crisis affecting many nations, did not develop just months ago.  It is being set off by many economic factors which the system itself had created decades ago. 


The Bush administration and western economic analysts are saying it all began with the mortgage issue that ignited in the first half of 2007, causing several of the largest banks in the world to collapse in their own gravity, an increase in home foreclosures, and massive layoffs within the United States. 


If you have been watchful of the United States’ past international relations, most of the present and past US government’s international policies were aimed at expanding its market to every corner of the world.  These have resulted to nations being robbed of their natural resources, and the creation of staging areas that easily carry out its manipulative actions in and against poorer nations (exemplified by its allied nations). 


Why did the US “cleanse” Afghanistan and Iraq of so-called terrorists?  The reason is simple but quite a driving factor: oil – oil that will help fuel her activities in and out of her backyard.


Surprisingly, the crisis we are experiencing today began not a year or months ago, but it was when capitalism entered into its monopoly stage – called imperialism early in the 20th century – and it will probably never be able to recover itself from the disease.  The world saw her first economic plunge in the 1930’s when the world, and particularly limping the US, entered into the Great Depression – a whole decade of economic stagnation and inactivity. 



People who lived through this day described it as a total darkness and they are seeing the same signs of an impending depression – the collapse of global financial giants, massive foreclosures, depositors taking their money from the banks and keeping them in a safe.  In fact, sales of safes increased by 50% since September 2008 according to a report.  It looks like the US and world is heading back to that bleak route again.


Although each economic repression has its own attitude and psychology, nevertheless, each one stirs the same feelings: uncertainty and anxiety.


The Bailout Fund: A symptomatic relief

Not even the $700 billion bailout fund can help it.  In spite of its efforts, what the Bush administration can do, through the bailout fund, is offer only a symptomatic relief to the problem that is deep-rooted within the imperialist system.  Seven hundred billion dollars might suffice to keep its economy afloat for now, but it will not cure the cause of the crisis that is inherent in the system. 


The bailout fund, meanwhile, aims to shore up troubled banks and buy foreclosed homes, putting them in the hands of the government.  However, this can’t keep going on forever.  What Bush might want to know is what caused the seemingly infallible banks to collapse, and then it will realize that its hegemony (economic, political, and cultural) is on the brinks.     


Obviously, despite point increases in the Wall Street from October 20-23, fears of future downturns continue to resonate within the bounds of the Wall Street, banks, companies, and ordinary citizens.  In fact, markets plummeting to all-time lows are wont to happen.  


Right now, we are still in a wait-and-see situation – hoping for the best and crossing our fingers for the worst.  Even the Bush administration and economic analysts remain uncertain as to when and how long the $700 billion bailout fund can sustain the economy and keep losses from coming back.


For the ordinary citizens, though – we have not seen the worst, but the worst is about to come.  But as the US Election rolls in to its final week, let’s all hope the new administration can make great strides in politics and the global economy.